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CrossFit Chester 01/07/2022

A. Using your heaviest complex from last week you’ll add on a hang clean  1 squat clean 1 hang squat clean  1 front squat  1 jerk  You know what weight to aim for from last weeks so see how you get on this week!  B. AMRAP 3  12 thrusters (40/30)  6...

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CrossFit Chester 30/07/2022

A. Snatch balance primer:  3 sets all lightweight 5 overhead squats  4 behind the neck press  3 high hang power snatch  B. Snatch balance pauses  Pause in your receiving position for 5 seconds before standing with control  6 x 1 @ + 75%...

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CrossFit Chester 29/06/2022

The 10 rounds will be done individually - you’ll then partner up on the final AMRAP 10 rounds for time:  10 push ups  10 pull ups  10 sit ups  10 air squats  Directly into AMRAP (Partner 1 may start until P2 has caught up - however you may...

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