CrossFit Chester 04/09/19

Partner Workout:

Complete the reps, split however needed. 

Pull ups
Thrusters (40/30)

3 rounds:

60 Barbell Lunges (40/30)
60 C2B pull ups
60 Wall balls

AMRAP (add 10 reps and +10/5kg to the cleans every round) 

10 Power cleans  (40/30)
200m run (200m run stays the same)
10 Calories

CrossFit Chester – 23.05.14

Today we celebrate Tom and Josh’s Birthday – Happy Birthday Guys!

Tom and Josh







“The Twins”

Using one bar (so you will have to change weights):

– 23 thrusters 60/40

– 23 pull ups

– 5 snatch 80/60 (or work to 80% of your 1RM)

– 5 muscle ups

– 19 power cleans 80/60 (or work to 80% of your 1 RM)

– 19 HSPU

– 89 air squats

– 89 sit-ups


Remember guys any movement can be scaled

CrossFit Chester

CrossFit Chester – 21.05.14

A) 4 Rounds of max reps push press in 30 secs @ 100% Strict Press Weight

1 Min rest between each round


B) Amrap 15

3,6,9,12,15 reps…. and so on

– OHS 40/30

– Burpee Box Jumps 24/20


CrossFit Chester


CrossFit Chester – “The Return” Tom Doran

The Return


CrossFit Chester wanted to give a shout out to one of our members – Tom Doran.

Tom will return to the ring after three years out with a huge homecoming fight at Deeside Leisure Centre this Sat 24th May – campaigning at super middleweight.

He had won his first 10 professional contests and was considered one of the brightest light middleweight prospects on the domestic scene before stepping back from the sport for 3 years.

Tom has been a member with us for 4 months and has worked on his strength and conditioning in that time.  More recently on his conditioning ready for his fight – some of you may have experienced a WoD or two with Tom and is virtually impossible to keep up with.  Tom has said that using CrossFit as a training aid has really helped him in his boxing.

A few of us are going along to support him.  If you would like to come please let me know so I can arrange tickets with Tom.  Tickets will be for all events throughout the night which start from 7pm.  We will find out on the day what time Tom is Fighting.  Unreserved Tickets are £30 and £15 for Students.

Good Luck from all at CFC Tom.


CrossFit Chester – 03.03.14

For the next 5 weeks we will be programming the CrossFit Games Open Workout.

So today’s is the first workout known as 14.1

Amrap 10

– 30 double unders

– 15 snatch or gtoh 35/25


We have scale options for all


CrossFit Chester


CrossFit Chester – 20.01.14

Dear Members,

Before we disclose the workout for today.  We just want to let you know about the CrossFit Open!

The CrossFit Open is an awesome event.  Basically every CrossFitter in the world signs up and competes in the workouts released by CrossFit HQ!  Last year 138,000 people signed up.  Not matter what level of fitness or skill you are it is good fun.  All workouts are programmed so that everyone can post a score and of course get a great workout out!  have a look at this video which will explain it all:


The first Open workout will be released on Thursday, Feb. 27. The fifth and final Open workout will be released five weeks later on Thursday, March 27.

We at CrossFit Chester will be holding 1 or 2 sessions per week where we will programme the workouts for the class, and if you sign up you will be allocated a Judge, who will verify your score.

If you want to sign up then follow this link and create your profile.


So back to business:

A) Recap on “ditching” the bar ( 2 mins)

2 sec Pause Back Squat – 5×3

B) Amrap 8

– 10 squats 20/10

– 10 Plate GTOH

– 10 Plate Sit Ups



500m row for time!





CrossFit Chester – Good Luck Shane!

Right Guys and Girls,

Some of you may be aware but the “Battle of London” CrossFit Competition is this weekend.  It is the biggest individual CrossFit Competition in the UK, hosting some of the best athletes in CrossFit.  For more info check out

One of our members… Shane Williams, qualified for this event, which was no easy task at all.  The top 150 male athletes qualified (out of circa 1500) after 3 gruelling workouts.

Good Luck Shane – we know you can smash it!

All the best from CrossFit Chester.