CrossFit Chester 24/07/19

In a team of 3 : 

Split a 3000m row (one rowing at a time) 

The resting pair have to complete a weighted 200m run before they rest or switch with the person on the rower.


Two partners must always be synchronised while one partner rests:
120 Synchro toes to bar
120 Synchro DB snatches (22.5/15)

Then only one works at a time (Y.G.I.G)
For Max reps:

1 rep = 2 DB/KB OHS + 1 DB Box step over (Per person) 

For every 10 reps completed you must ALL perform 5 synchro down ups 

CrossFit Chester 23/07/19

A. Clean complex:

Building to your heaviest UNBROKEN complex within a 16 minute cap.
1 power clean + 
2 deadlifts + 1 hang squat clean + 3 deadlifts 


B. Using 80% of your max load from part A:
2 rounds of the complex every 2 minutes x3 


30 wall balls, 
400m run


CrossFit Chester 22/07/19

8 Upside down KB press each arm

5 wall balls lighter

5 wall balls heavier

100 double unders


A. Bench press 1rm

B. Kipping swings:


Work on a solid hollow and arch positioning


C. For Time:


Pull ups

Front squats (40/30)



Everyone must apply the kipping swing positions to the workout (practice without using butterfly kipping too)



CrossFit Chester 19/07/19

Warm up:

1 round

6/700m row

1x 50% of your max strict pull ups

12 shoulder taps

20 barbell (or with a plate) squat jumps


A. Handstand walking practice:

spend 10 minutes being upside down 😀


B. With a rolling clock up to

E.M.O.M 10
Min 1: 20 /15 Wall balls
Min 2: 15 KBS (24/16) 

rest 2 minutes

On minute 12

begin to find a heavy 1 rep back squat

CrossFit Chester 18/07/19

Warm up:

500m/400m row into 2 rounds: Single arm upside down KB press – 1 set @ 50% of your strict pull ups

A. Starting at your 1rm strict press %:
3 Push Press + 3 Push jerks.
Increase in weight until you’ve reached your heaviest complex.


B. 16 minute cap:
1 mile run + 100 burpees for time

CrossFit Chester 17/07/19

Partner 1 does all the thrusters, Partner 2 does all the C2B’s, you alternate the same reps, then you swap movements.
Thrusters (40/30)
C2B pull ups

2 rounds:

Y.G.I.G (20 reps + 50m PP)
20 double DB STOH
50m sandbag carry 

3 rounds:
50m Double DB lunges (22.5/15)
800m row
30 strict HSPU

CrossFit Chester 16/07/19

A. 15 minutes to build 

Power snatch + 2 OHS
Your aim is to hit 90% of your 1rm Power snatch for the complex.  


B. Isabel
30 snatches for time (60/40


C. 2 rounds 40 second L sit/ L sit hanging hold, 10 weighted pistols – 20 barbell side bends

CrossFit Chester 15/07/19

A. Front squats (must be taken from the floor, first rep must be a squat clean) 5×3 @ 75% of your squat clean.
8 burpees over bar after the last rep


B. For time: (14 minute cap)
200m run
6 pull ups, 6 toes to bar, 6 muscle ups
400m run
8 pull ups, 8 toes to bar, 8 muscle ups
600m run
10 pull ups, 10 toes to bar, 10 muscle ups

Scaled gymnastics:

6/8/10 ring rows, Kipping knees to chest or hanging knee raises,  ring dips (banded if needed)

CrossFit Chester 12/07/19

A. Starting with 70% of your OHS – Increase every 2 minutes (16 minutes in total) 

Even minutes: 2 Front squats

Odd minutes: 1 Overhead squats


B. Partner up with someone of a similar 500m pace

Y.G.I.G 200m row x4 rounds each


C. 3 Rounds not for time:

10 strict toes to bar, 50m sled drag or 50m farmers carry (32/24), 20 hollow rocks

CrossFit Chester 11/07/19

Warm up:

2 rounds: 15 dislocates

5 box step ups/ jumps

5 KB deadlifts

10 KB side lunges 


A. Deadlifts
5×5 -increasing each set until you have built to your heaviest 5.

Starting % is 75% 


B. 1 Max effort set of strict pull ups


C. 20 burpee box jump overs for time

rest 2 minutes from completion then 200 double unders for time