CrossFit Chester 16/06/2020

A. 3 rounds: 

24 Banded good mornings 

14 weighted glute bridges 

24 Jumping lunges

B. 4 rounds: 

12 clean and jerks 

30 double unders 


1 round of: 

36 single arm overhead squats 

46 reverse overhead lunges 

56 down ups 

CrossFit Chester 15/06/2020

A. TRI set: 

12 Seated strict press (6each arm)

12 upright rows 

12 Kipping HSPU 

B. 8 rounds for time:

4 Object swings

4 Object thrusters

4 burpees over kit!

C. 21-15-9 

Sit ups 

Side bends right. 

Side bends left.

CrossFit Chester 14/06/2020

AMRAP 8 : 

30 double unders

29 Press ups 

28 Pistols 

Rest 2 minutes: 

5 rounds: 

400m run 

12 burpees 

12 hang snatches 

12 push jerks 


Morning Team!

As you know there is no class today but there will however be one Sunday at 10am.

Its meant to be bright and warm from 10/11 onwards so enjoy the outdoors and get some head space 🙂 xxx

CrossFit Chester 12/06/2020

A. Bent over row pauses and negatives.


pause with weights as close to your waist for 6 seconds then work your negative movement for 6 seconds.

(Pausing at your waist to support those mid back muscles)


B. 21-15-9

Squat snatches


Into 9-15-21

Single arm squat cleans


CrossFit Chester 11/06/2020

Morning Team

8am and 11am Yoga today!


A. Explosive squats!

10 x 5

High explosive jumps

The aim is height not fast reps!

Using weight if necessary



50 double unders

10 object swings

10 object snatches

CrossFit Chester 10/06/2020

8am & Midday Zooming


A. 2 minutes of as many devils press as possible

Rest 2 minutes

2 mintes of as many burpees as possible

Rest 2 minutes

3 rounds:


10 Clean and jerks

12 Overhead walking lunges



6 rounds:

50m run

5 burpee box step ups

5 Thrusters

Rest 2 minutes when complete.

6 rounds:

100m run

10 push press

CrossFit Chester 09/06/2020

Workout 6 is on the previous blog post if you’ve not yet caught it!


Today’s workout : 

A. 6 rounds:

200m run

20 air squats

20 double unders


B. 5 rounds


4 strict HSPU + 20 hollow rocks 

Workout 6!

As chosen by our very own Ailene Whitehead

Workout 6:

20 devils press

30 sit ups

20 object swings

30 sit ups

Substitute the devils press to:

1 burpee + 1 clean and jerk

Or Scale to:

20 burpees + 20 press ups

CrossFit Chester 08/06/2020

Happy Birthday Michael my love!!


8am & Midday Classes today 🙂

A. KB’s, DB’s or barbells can be used for the following. If you’re able to use two weights then please do – if your overhead mobility isn’t the greatest then just stick with one weight!

Power cleans and Jerks

EMOM for 9 minutes

x1 complex:

1 power clean + 1 hang power clean + 1 push press + 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk

Then… 4×6 strict press in a split jerk position


B. 21-15-9


Goblet squats




As its Michaels Birthday the intervals will be some of his favourite moves!

Press ups,  Cleans, Resting in a hunched over position for 40 seconds, Bent over rows, Lunges, Burpees

3 sets every 5 minutes start again! 

16 Press ups

16 squat cleans

16 burpees 

16 front squats

16 rows/pull ups

16 lunges