CrossFit Chester 14/12/18

Alternating KB shoulder press

Start with a kettlebell on each shoulder and alternate pressing x12

Single arm swings x10

Plate/light weight get ups


A. Turkish get ups:

3 sets of 3 reps each arm


B. Find a 1rm push press


C. EMOM 15

Minute 1: 20 KBS (24/16)

Minute 2: 30 Air squats

Minute 3: 12 Power snatches (40/30)

Minute 4: 13/18 calories

Minute 5: Rest and reflect

CrossFit Chester 13/12/18

A. Toes to bar practice – work on linking reps (don’t max out)


B. Working on consistent footwork and speed

Build to a moderate set of 2 High hang squat cleans.

(use plates as foot landing points if needed)


C. Clean pausing negatives

Starting in your high hang position pause for 3 seconds – lower to your hang position pause for 3 seconds – lower to your low hang position and pause for a final 3 seconds.

Build to a heavy set over 6 sets


D. A fast 300m row

rest 1 minute then  1 minute max effort toes to bar

straight into 1 minute sandbag hold


CrossFit Chester 12/12/18

Partner workout


Alternate EMOM. Perform max effort reps until all reps are completed of a movement then move on to the next:

180 Wall balls

120 DB snatches (22.5/15)

90 Burpee box jump overs (24/20)


Once complete:

split the reps however you see fit

3 rounds:

30 chest to bar pull ups / pull ups / ring rows

30 HSPU / Box press ups / press ups

30 machine calories


If completed under the cap grab a mince pie and support the rest of the crew!

or….. AMRAP Muscle ups!  (because its Christmas I’m giving you a choice!

CrossFit Chester 10/12/18

Narrow grip overhead squat work


A. 4 Snatch grip deadlifts 2 Snatch high pulls – reset after the deadlifts into the pulls

the aim is to hit 100% of your snatch  over 5 sets


B. 10 rounds

10 Thrusters (40/30)

30 Double unders

CrossFit Chester 07/12/18

3 sets:

12 Sumo deadlifts @50-55% of your DL

4 reps strict press @80%


B. 10 minutes handstand walking practice


C. For time:

5 wall walks

20 Burpees to target

200 Double unders

3 rope climbs

CrossFit Chester 06/12/18

Cossack squats warm up


A. Snatch drills


3 snatch pulls + 1 power Snatch + 1 Snatch balance


B. For time

30 air squats

40 press ups

50 sit ups

60 walking lunges


C. Max effort plank finisher into 50 med ball Russian twists

CrossFit Chester 05/12/18

Begin with 100 calories

Round for round x10
10 Deadlifts 5 hang power cleans (70/45)

Alternating movements with your Partner for 6 rounds
11 Burpee box jump overs

On minute 20 another 100 calories

CrossFit Chester 04/12/18

Shoulder warm up

A. Spend a few minutes on Butterfly pull up practice

B. Front squat + thruster complex

C. Because we don’t have one….

‘The CrossFit Chester Benchmark’

40/30 calorie bike

30 Thrusters (40/30)

30 pull ups


CrossFit Chester 03/12/18

A quick Christmassy post:

I can’t believe I’m writing December when programming!!! This year has gone so quickly – it’s possibly been one of the best years of my life 😍. Thank you to all my amazing members for being completely and utterly fantastic and so very supportive.

A little reminder about next weekends social – we’re training at 10am so we won’t feel too bad about consuming lots of food and drinks after. Please come and join in with the festivities.

Cory’s providing twister too.


Back to the workout-

A. Working on a narrow grip OHS

focus on the narrow grip and hold for 3 seconds at your lowest depth

only add on weight If you’re able to hit full depth!


B. 5 push jerks EMOM 9 @ 65%

every 3 minutes your aim is to increase your percentage by 3%


C. Time cap 13

2 rounds

19 KBS (32/24)

40 Double unders

rest 2 minutes

4 rounds

6 chest to bar pull ups

20 wall balls