CrossFit Chester on Zoom! 31/03/2020

Classes today at 8am and Midday!

A. 4 sets:

1 set = 12 Reverse lunges right leg + 12 side bends right side into 12 reverse lunges left leg + 12 side bends left side!



10 deadlifts (using a heavy object) 

10 single arm devils press / 20 KBS / 20 press ups or 10 strict HSPU

40 double unders or 80 single unders 

CrossFit Chester 30/03/2020

Zoom Classes available 😉

CrossFit Class

A. Tri Set:

Perform 5×8 of:

Standing press

Bent over row


B. 3 rounds:

30 hollow rocks 30 Russian twists 30 burpees


— Intervals will be released later 🙂





Join us tomorrow for the Zoom session – Book in through Team Up and follow the link provided 😉 

Any questions .. just let me know and I’ll guide your through. xxx


A. Tempo Squats – grab a weight and work on 8 seconds eccentric movement into a fast concentric movement!

6×4 with a 30 second wall sit hold after each set!


B. Every 2 minutes x6:

10 thrusters

10 DB/KB clean and jerks (scale to press ups)

10 burpees over bar (scale to lower the reps to ensure you get rest!)


CrossFit Sweat Session

Thank you for the support throughout this difficult time! I appreciate every single one of you! Please keep enjoying training 🙂

A. Annie

50-40-30-20-10 Reps of:



rest 2 minutes into

5 rounds:

20 back extensions

20 squat jumps

200m run or 60 mountain climbers

CrossFit Chester 27//03/2020

A. Bench/floor press 4×8 straight into 20 seconds of max effort press ups


B. For Time:


DB/KB/Barbell Squat cleans + DB/KB down ups (if you don’t have the kit – normal burpees) 

CrossFit Chester 26/03/2020


4 rounds:

Work on the minutes, rest any remaining time before the next minute.

Minute 1: x10 Thrusters

Minute 2 : x10 Deadlifts

Minute 3 :  30 second Handstand hold

Minute 4: rest


B. DB/KB/Barbell DT

5 rounds:

12 deadlifts

9 hang cleans



CrossFit Chester 25/03/2020

8am + 4pm:

A. Superset for serious gains!: 


Split squats (8 each leg) into Seated/kneeling press (8 each arm)


B. 6 rounds:

30 seconds of DB/KB/Barbell/Stool snatches

30 seconds of hand release press ups

3seconds of double/single unders

30 seconds rest 

CrossFit Chester 24/03/2020

After the pistol progression video (which got a whopping 4 views) you’re either going to scale with single leg wall sit raises or air squats!


A. Hip Mobility drills! 


B. EMOM x 10:

10 air squats or 4 Pistols + 8 Wall balls/Db Press/KB press/ press ups

RX = 8 pistols + 10 Wall balls/Db Press/KB press/ press ups



2 minute plank hold

30 heavy object side bends right side

30 KBS / DB deadlifts / weighted deadlifts 

30 heavy object side bends left side

30 KBS / DB deadlifts / weighted deadlifts