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CrossFit Chester 05/08/2022

I hope I’m not making a mistake putting these workouts on a little earlier. Don’t be a cherry picker! A. Power cleans - Building to a heavy paused rep Pausing reps 3 second pause in low hang  Using your heaviest weight achieved for E.M.O.M x 8  1 power clean...

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CrossFit Chester 04/08/2022

A, E3MOM x 6 rounds (18) 5 Front squats into 8 back squats  Using 70% of your front squat  B. Time cap 10  10-8-6-4-2 - Strict HSPU - the aim here is for all reps to be done unbroken  6 lateral box jump overs between sets  C. For time:  50 burpee box...

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