Meet Our CrossFit Chester Coaches

 Kelly Hedley – CrossFit Chester Owner

CrossFit Level 2 / British Weightlifting Level 2 / Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist / Archery Instructor  

Oh Hey!

 I’ve coached for 14 years now and I can honestly say I completely and utterly love what I do!

I started coaching kids sports way back when then spent a few years coaching disability sports and swimming lessons! I was offered a job for RGC taking their mobility sessions (which was friggin scary only being 18)  then I finally took a break to discover myself travelling..  Looking back now I probably did! I realised what I wanted to do. I realised the importance of friends and family and I realised a lot more but as you’re just wanting to know if I can help you snatch I’ll leave it there for now. I’m definitely protective of my members, I want everyone to succeed, be happy and have the best experiences in my gym! I make it my daily mission.. thats why I’m always so stressed! but I promise you’ll have the best time at CrossFit Chester, you’ll learn things you never imagined possible and you’ll meet the most incredible people.. and Thor! 

Dumblethor Thor’ Hedley

Keeper Of Balls / Protector from Postmen 

A little about Thor

Introduced to CrossFit in 2016, Thor loves nothing more than spending long days at CrossFit Chester – Cheering on members … and pestering members with his ball.

Shane Williams

Knows Every CrossFit Workout since 2014 – FACT


A little about Shane 

For Shane there were two options: 

  1. Carry on playing 7 hours of continuous Zelda, drinking the occasional blue WKD
  2. Turn to CrossFit to compliment his firefighter role

He put the blue WKD’s aside and took on his first CrossFit WOD. 

Shane is our longest standing, most experienced CrossFit athlete. 

Full of advice and support for our members (once the caffeine wears off he becomes much easier to translate).  

Shane is extremely passionate about the sport and it most definitely shows.

Mat Roberts

A little about Mat

Mat is the newest member to the team but by no means the least experienced. Mat has always been interested in sports and CrossFit has become a huge part of his life! He’s constantly learning how to better his own training and to help others. 

Aaron Bradshaw

 Level 1 CrossFit / Smallest Coach at CrossFit Chester

A little about Aaron

Once you’ve caught ‘Ron’s’ eye that’s it, make sure you have a spare 10 minutes. Ron’s been with us since the beginning as a member then turned coach as he found a love for CrossFit and helping others succeed! 

Jen Swallow

CrossFit Level 1 

A little about Jen

Jen’s love for CrossFit has grown over the years and her competitive nature has seen her compete at an Elite level.  Jen decided to study CrossFit to further her knowledge of the sport, along side her physiotherapy! Jen is also a pretty damn impressive canoeist..a woman of many talents.  She wants to see everyone succeed so you’re in luck with Jen coaching!