Meet The Coaches

Being amongst likeminded people, socialising and seeing results with your physical fitness is CrossFit Chester. 

Meet Our CrossFit Chester Coaches

(The Owner) Kelly Hedley

CrossFit Level 1 / BWL Level 1 / Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist 

I’ve been involved with CrossFit Chester since the beginning (2013) so when the opportunity arose to become Owner of the business i’d help to grow and love, I grabbed it; it’s the best decision i’ve made. 

Before CrossFit Chester 

I’d spent 6 years swimming instructing and sports coaching children (hence my softly spoken instructions and patience). Regardless of age I’ve always loved seeing others reach their full fitness potential. I took a year out from working to explore the world and ‘discover myself’ (as most travellers to do)  – Along with the amazing experiences such as sky diving, exploring the great barrier reef and all the food I also discovered I hated being out of work, selling solar panels (or any kind of sales pitching) and more than anything… hostels!!

So as soon as I came home I went straight back into sports coaching until eventually discovering a CrossFit close to home.

I was also lucky enough to meet Michael through CrossFit Chester. He turned up for his first class and I had to comment about his ridiculous choice of un-supporting footwear (he instantly thought I fancied him but I was genuinely concerned about his ankles). A week later he turned up in Metcons and I knew….. this guy was out to impress.

 Months later he was still spending £4 a day buying my peanut butter protein bars,  I’d finally convinced him to wear shorts and we were discussing our funeral playlist’s – if that’s not enough for a date I don’t know what is – But he still hadn’t asked me out!! 

So I bloody asked him!

I’m the happiest i’ve ever been because i’m around everyone I love, doing something worth getting up at 04:46 everyday for. 

I’m not here to try and convince people to start training CrossFit (otherwise I wouldn’t have told you about how I met Mike), I’m just letting you know that being at CrossFit Chester is going to make you the best version of your self; physically and mentally. 

Aaron Bradshaw Level 1 CrossFit


A little about Aaron 

The one with a spreadsheet for everything. I’m writing his bio for him (purely because I know him well enough to know he hates things like this – although i’m pretty sure he has 3 options ready to send if i’d asked). 

Aaron started CrossFit December 2013 – after a background of endurance fitness including being a finisher in 12 IronMan and a double IronMan he decided to try something which wouldn’t hospitalise him….as much. 

“CrossFit was a way to increase my core strength and mobility and make the most of training time” Since then he has gone on to focus on CrossFit methodology due to it’s proven benefits in all areas. 

Aaron’s favourite movements are pretty much anything that benefit a shorter person.

Hinley Chan – Level 1 CrossFit


A little about Hinley 

Starting his CrossFit journey at the age of 16, two years on and Hinley is one of our most dedicated athletes. Placing second at his first competition (The Rainhill Trials) was only the beginning for Hinley. 

He’s placed first at ‘French Throwdown’ in the teens division which we are all extremely proud of him for.  French Throwdown is one of the closest experiences you’ll get to the ‘CrossFit Games’ as a competitor so Hinley did exceptionally well to qualify. 

Hinley prefers the ‘unsponsored’ lifestyle due to the constant female attention social media has brought to him.  

Shane Williams – Personal Training Level 2 & 3 


A little about Shane 

For Shane there were two options: 

  1. Carry on playing 7 hours of continuous Zelda, drinking the occasional blue WKD
  2. Turn to CrossFit to compliment his firefighter role

He put the blue WKD’s aside and took on his first CrossFit WOD. 

Shane is our longest standing, most experienced CrossFit athlete. 

Full of advice and support for our members (once the caffeine wears off he becomes much easier to translate).  

Shane is extremely passionate about the sport and it most definitely shows.

Geordie MitchellLevel 1 CrossFit


A little about Geordie

Started CrossFit in October 2015 before joining us at CrossFit Chester in 2016.

Geordie’s extremely patient with his coaching and his soothing Irish accent instantly makes you feel welcomed into the CrossFit Chester community.

If you walk in and theres country music playing – I can guarantee Geordie will be in sight!

Davey Brookes – Level 1 CrossFit


A little about Davey

Triathlete turned CrossFitter – Davey decided to try something to compliment his sprint tri training. Impressed with the benefits CrossFit training showed he’s now a full time dedicated CrossFitter… and our go to handyman! 

Davey is one of our most competitive athletes so good luck to anyone partnering with him on a Saturday!

Speciality Coaching

Jen Potter – Olympic Lifting Level 1 Instructor


A little about Jenni

“I started crossfit when Chester opened in January 2014! When I started I couldn’t do a pullup and completed my first workout Chelsea scaled with jumping pullups while Shane did it super RX with strict pull ups! I immediately wanted to get better, fitter and stronger and began competitive crossfit at my first competition Rainhill Trials in the October. Since then, I have competed in the English Champs and U23 British Champs for British Weightlifting, winning Bronze in 63kg category, and competed at European Champs, British Champs and team events such as European Inferno and Strength in Depth with Crossfit Chester, and I love every second of competing. I have completed my British Weightlifting Level 1, and love encouraging others to to work on their weaknesses”

Sherry Edwards – YOGA


A little about Sherry

“My journey with yoga began in 2001 after a knee injury brought on by martial arts. After years of high impact training through Muay Thai and JKD it was recommended to me by a friend that I take up yoga, I’ve never looked back since. I have trained at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore India where I travelled there and lived for month at a time on two separate occasions training under the guidance of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. My training and practice has taken me around the world beginning in Thailand, through India and now the UK where I have taught many professional athletes including many players from the Everton football club. I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance UK (RYT 500). My background as a yoga teacher allows me to safely guide practitioners of all backgrounds including yoga, crossfit and other sports to maintaining a healthy body and mind”


Elliot Hooker  – Olympic Lifting Level 1 & 2 Instructor

A little about Elliot

Elliot has successfully completed his Level 1 & 2 British Olympic Weightlifting qualification. You’ll know it’s Elliot by his array of singlets and occasional grunt!