Let’s talk memberships 


Let’s find you the perfect membership! 

Professionally coached 1 hour classes

Yearly programming included (you’ll just need the password) 

Ever lasting friendships 

Nutritional guidance  

Social get-togethers 















Proof of a student card must be presented before purchase (otherwise an upgrade will occur)  

*Please note discounts will only be applied with proof of eligibility

£60 £50  
1 DAY PASS     £10
1 WEEK PASS     £30












New Member Deal!

Once you’ve signed up you’re entitled to a Personal Training session for just £10 if used within the first 4 weeks of sign up! Get in touch for more details and if youd like to take advantage of this deal!


Q: How do I access the daily workouts? (WOD)

A: VIA the website blog – you’ll need the current password which Kelly or one of the other coaches will be happy to provide you with. That way you’ll never miss a workout! 

Q: What is included with the ‘unlimited’ membership? 

A: You can attend unlimited amount of Classes and open gym during the month (this covers all classes that we add to the time table) – inc Yoga, Sweat, Endurance, Gymnastics, Mobility and Olympic lifting.

Q: What is included with the ‘platinum’ membership*? 

A: You have all the perks of the ‘UNLIMITED’ membership with the added bonus of one personalised training session a month! If you have a goal or want to improve a skill or lift then this package is the perfect pick for you! This means your monthly PT session will only be £20!!

*sessions can’t be carried over to the following month 

Q: What is included with the 2WK/8M membership? 

A: Limited to 8 Classes per month, any class you like! You’re not limited to 2 per week but it’s a recommendation if you’re unsure – we like to give you advice before you’ve even joined 🙂

Please note ‘Open Gym’ is not in addition to these classes

Q: What if I wanted to do personal training?  

A: If you feel you’d benefit from some additional one to one coaching get in touch with Kelly and she will arrange the sessions. Perfect for those with personalised goals and wanting additional programming! Personalised one to ones are available for non members too. £35 for 1 hour.

Couples and Group sessions also available upon request at a discounted rate.

Q: Do you have shower/changing facilities 

A: We do indeed! 2 showers, 2 toilets and a disabled changing room. They’re cleaned daily too, I even add some potpourri on special occasions. 


Membership Policy:  

Membership is a rolling monthly contract. 

30 days notice before next billing date required when cancelling. Please note we are a small independent so this months notice will mean a lot to us.

All monthly fees must be paid in full, regardless of usage. There is no refund in whole or in part. Memberships are non-transferable. If you pay for a month and cannot attend you are not entitled to a refund or extension. You are free to upgrade/downgrade your membership from month to month by choosing and paying for a different package. 

If you cancel your membership and were on a deal/price we no longer offer, you will not be entitled to this offer again if you decide to re-join.

In the event of CrossFit Chester Ltd becoming full, we will create a waiting list for new members. If you cancel your membership, your place will be given to the first person on our waiting list, and you will go on this waiting list and will have to wait until there is a free membership place before you can re-join.