CrossFit Chester

Here at CrossFit Chester we strive to stay as close to the CrossFit programme as possible.

When you join CrossFit Chester, you join a community of like-minded people – you will make friends and links with people from all walks that have the same goals as you.

CrossFit Chester’s main aim is twofold.

– The physical side – where we will coach you to move more efficiently through functional movements.

– The Educating Element – where we will teach you the ways to get the best out of your body by altering the foundational pillar to any health program ‘Nutrition’.

We can coach and teach you to your goals.   Whether you want to keep fit, lose weight, socialise, compete or just to ensure your body remains in full working order right through to your later years.   We will help you get there.

CrossFit Chester won’t just give you a 6 week programme and leave you to it, we will constantly adjust your movements until we achieve as close to virtuosity as we can.

A common misconception is that CrossFit is for the insanely Fit…….

CrossFit is for everybody its not just for the people who can do a thousand pull ups we all start somewhere and CrossFit Chester is as good as place as any.

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