CrossFit Chester visits CrossFit Warrington

CrossFit Warrington kindly hosted us as we are only training in sports hall until CrossFit Chester is open!

We had an amazing time at and was great for the people who were able to make it, to experience a CrossFit “Box”. Great atmosphere and Great hosts. Imagine training like that all the time… soon you will be able to when we are open!

CrossFit Chester day out in CrossFit Warrington
CrossFit Chester day out in CrossFit Warrington

The WOD that CrossFit Warrington put us through was:…

12 min AMRAP:
– 6 burpees
– 12 toes to bar (or scaled… knees to chest/elbows)
– 18 Overhead lunges (5kg plate / 10 kg plate)

Thanks CFW.  feel free to visit any time.


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