CrossFit Chester 15/07/2020

for the 8am and Zoom –

A. 3 rounds:

20 double DB deadlifts

20 weighted sit ups

20 good mornings

Every 3 minutes x3

10 DB deadlifts

40 double unders

10 weighted down ups

In pairs (pairs will have their own kit and will still be at a safe distance) 

Y.G.I.G (unless stated synchro)

  •  100 KBS (reps split)
  •  100m intervals (YGIG) – until 2000m has been completed 
  • 100 goblet squats (reps split) 
  • 600m run together (at a safe distance)
  • 100 burpees (reps split) during this movement the resting partner must be holding a wall sit hold!
  • 25m Intervals (YGIG) weighted walking lunges – until 200m has been completed

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