Class Times – Opening Times – Closing Times 

We have a strict policy when it comes to punctuality – please ensure you’re on time for all classes.


06:00 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
07:00 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
09:30 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class Olympic Lifting CrossFit Class Opens at 09:30
10:00 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
11:00 Mum’s & Babies Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Endurance
12:00 CrossFit Class Closes at Midday Closes at Midday CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
Closes at 13:00 Closes at 12:30
13:30 Closes at 13:30 Closes at 13:30 Closes at 13:30 Closes at 13:30
17:00 Opens at 17:00 Opens at 17:00 Opens at 17:00 Opens at 17:00 Opens at 17:00
17:30 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
18:30 CrossFit Class CrossFit Class Gymnastics CrossFit Class CrossFit Class
19:00 CrossFit Class
19:30 Open Gym Olympic Lifting Yoga Open Gym
20:30 Closes at 20:30 Closes at 20:30 Closes at 20:15 Closes at 20:30 Closes at 20:30



CrossFit Class

The reason we all practice the sport of CrossFit. The classes are constantly varied and I guarantee you’ll push yourself harder being amongst other likeminded athletes! Our CrossFit Classes are the same throughout the day but will however change on a daily basis. You’ll always look forward to your next CrossFit session.


Olympic Lifting  (Tuesday’s at 19:30, Thursday’s at 0930 and Sunday’s at 1100)

Looking to improve your Olympic Lifting?

Whether you’re a beginner looking to master your technique, wanting to improve your strength or you’ve found a love for the barbell and want to generally improve and eventually focus on competition.

Our three weekly Olympic Weightlifting class will be perfect for you!

Instructed by our very own BWL Qualified coaches, Elliot Hooker, Kelly Hedley and Hinley Chan.  You’ll have a consistent programme designed to improve your abilities and strength.

Booking is essential via Team Up (also available to drop in’s, once wavers are completed)


Gymnastics (Wednesday’s at 18:30-1900)

If you’re wanting to master the kips that come with CrossFit, be guided through the stages to help achieve your first muscle up or simply to practice being upside down then coming along to our Gymnastics class! You’ll never know your potential until you spend a little extra time working on these skills.


Yoga (Thursday’s at 1930 and the first Sunday of every month)

All yoga sessions are instructed by our very own converted CrossFitter Sherry Edwards. Sherry has over 17 years of yoga knowledge to inspire you all and keep you flowing throughout your CrossFitting.


CrossFit Endurance Class 

Come and enjoy our engine building classes on a Saturday morning. Improving your pacing during running, rowing, biking and swimming.


Mum’s and babies CrossFit

Why choose our Postnatal class?

  • A great low impact postnatal class
  • Combines light cardio with specific body conditioning exercises
  • Friendly, safe and encouraging
  • A fun and sociable class where you can meet other mothers
  • No need for babysitters – bring your baby along

Is it right for me?

  • Suitable 6 weeks or 12 weeks (C-Section) after giving birth
  • Great for new mothers who want to socialise
  • Perfect if you’re looking for a child friendly exercise class

What do I need?

Bring some water, comfortable clothing – and your baby.