CrossFit Chester 23/06/2020

Class at 8am and 5pm xx

A. 8 weighted squat jumps every 30 seconds x5

8 weighted jumping lunges every 30 x5 

8 pistols every 30 x5 

B. 4 rounds: 

10 HSPU 

10 Thrusters (x2 bits of kit if possible) 

10 Burpees 

CrossFit Chester 22/06/2020

Happy Monday Morning team!

Not long until the re-opening (under stricture measures of course). I’ll be sending out a few COVID policies within the next week ensure your safest return!

I will also begin to re-call some kit within the next week to ensure I have everything deep cleaned and ready to be used.

Thank you all for being so patient. See you soon. x x x

A. Straight leg deficit deadlifts

3×20 reps

Between each set of DL’s

3 strict HSPU into 10 kipping HSPU + 10 weighted hand release press ups

(placing weight on your back, if you struggle without weight bring your knees to the floor)

B. 21-15-9

single arm squat cleans

single arm STOH

50 double unders after each round

CrossFit Chester – Saturday Special!

Every 6 minutes x 5

11 pistols or 22 air squats

11 clean and jerks

400m run

11 burpees over kit

  • if you’re struggling to complete within the 6 minute caps then please change the run to a 200m run.

CrossFit Chester 19/06/2020

A. 3 rounds:

20 Floor Press into 1 minute of Man makers 

1 man maker = 1 press up , 1 each arm row , 1 cluster

B. 5 rounds: 

15 weighted sit ups 

15 one armed snatches 


5 rounds of 3 minute amraps with 1 minute rest between rounds.

5 burpees broad jumps

20 body weight walking lunges

15 sumo deadlifts

10 press ups