CrossFit Chester 04/07/2020

Gentle reminder to please get your kit to me ASAP (Monday is the deadline)

All kit MUST be cleaned on Tuesday so I will need to make sure everyone has dropped it to me by then 🙂

As stated in the waiver everyone has signed the borrowed kit must be returned in the state it was given to you. Thank you for your support! See you all soon.

See you outside the gym and on Zoom team 🙂 (links are on team up as normal) xx

AMRAP 30: 


Devils press (single arm)

HSPU/Press ups 

600m run 

Box jumps (scale: step ups)

Time remaining AMRAP

200m weighted carry (using 50m shuttle marker) 

50 KBS

CrossFit Chester 03/07/2020

A. 3x superset: 

8 double weighted bent over rows 

16 banded tricep extension 

B. 8 rounds: 

8 double DB thrusters 

30 double unders 

4 single arm object swing (right arm) 

4 single arm swing (left arm)

CrossFit Chester 02/07/2020

8am Zoom alongside the 8am outdoors class 🙂

We also have 0930 outside class and 11am Zoom Yoga!

A. AMRAP 18 

3 rounds: 

50 air squats 

50m shuttle 

50 KBS 

50m shuttle 

Time remaining 

As many V sit ups as possible! 

B. 3 rounds: 

20 banded upright rows 

20 hollow rocks 

20 side bends 

20 weighted sit ups 

20 heel taps 

Rest 1 minute 

CrossFit Chester 01/07/2020

A. Seated strict press 4×8 each arm 

After each set 20 upside down shoulder taps! 

B. 30-20-10

Single arm snatches 


On 0 and then every 3 minutes 100m sprint

CrossFit Chester 30/06/2020

Today we have 8am Zoom, 11 & 12 outside gym class and 5pm Zoom! ENOJY 🙂

Zoom Class workouts:

A. 40 double DB/KB bent over rows 

Every break 20 hollow rocks 

B. For time: 

200 Double unders 

100 walking lunges 

50 single arm Clean and jerks 

CrossFit Chester 26/06/2020

8am and Midday!

A. Every 2 minutes: (x4) 

10 floor press + 10 bent over rows + 10 hollow rocks

B. 5 rounds: 

5 thrusters left arm 

15 weighted sit ups 

5 thrusters right arm 


7 rounds:

12 KBS (object swings)

200m run

12 weighted step ups / box jumps

200m run